Music Park

Music Park
was born from the green environment surrounding the Auditorio de Galicia, although it did not acquire the status of a neighborhood park until years later.

This area has large lawns and rest areas and is crossed by the Corgo River, which provides water to the artificial lake, structures the green space and continues its course to the Galeras neighborhood.

The site has an area of 28,000 square meters and stands out for its rich university and youth life, as it is located next to the faculties of Economics and Business Studies, Philology and Communication Sciences, as well as the Burgo das Nacións residence.

However, it is perfect to enjoy with the family, as it is an area of gentle slopes, many green areas, and accessible for both walking and cycling.

One of the main features is the large pond surrounding the Auditorium, with lush vegetation, a riparian forest (especially composed of cypress and poplar trees) and abundant biodiversity, mainly bird and duck species.

It also has several unique architectural elements, such as a sculpture by the Galician artist Eugenio Granell, an important representative of the surrealist movement, or the Chapel of Nosa Señora da Fonte.

On the other hand, the enclosure consists of large shaded lawns and a playground, as well as drinking fountains, and allows to contemplate the towers of the Cathedral of Santiago and the convents of San Francisco and San Martiño Pinario.

In addition to all these services, another of the great attractions of the space is its location in front of the Auditorio de Galicia. This outstanding building was built according to the design of architect Julio Cano Lasso and inaugurated in 1988.

The center maintains a very diverse program, with numerous cultural activities and opera, theater, dance and concert performances. It also organizes art exhibitions and offers a cafeteria service.


Open 24 hours a day


28.000 m2


Auditorium of Galicia

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It has rest areas, drinking fountains, a playground and a pond.


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