Belvís Park

Belvís Park
is located along the valley with the same name and is notable for its various meadows and a small stream that runs through its entire length.

This green area of Santiago de Compostela allows you to enjoy an area of about three hectares and is an ideal place for rest, disconnection and family time, especially for the wide range of spaces and services that make it up.

Like other elements of the city, its origin is related to religious and monastic life. The cloistered Convent of Santa María de Belvís was located east of the city, on the slope of Mount Viso, and was inaugurated in 1314.

The surrounding lands were used as orchards by the freiras and their tenants, a series of plots on which the Belvís Park now sits.

When promoting the project of this environmental site, both the walls and the historic roads present in the area were respected, to create a green space that separates the historic site, the Belvís convent and the Minor Seminary.

Today, the park is one of the most popular green areas in the city of Santiago de Compostela, along with the Alameda and the Parque de San Domingos de Bonaval.

It is also well known for the spectacular views it offers of the entire Galician capital from its viewpoint, located at the top. In addition, the former orchard area, then tended by the nuns, has been recovered for urban and community use.

One of the main strengths of this site is its excellent geographical location: it is about ten minutes from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and borders the neighborhood of San Pedro, one of the main pilgrimage routes in the city.

Some of the elements of interest in the enclosure are the more than 1,700 specimens of camellias that form a set of three labyrinths unique in Europe.

The area has several services, such as rest areas, playgrounds, pedestrian walkways, parking areas and sports facilities available to residents and visitors.


Open 24 hours a day


30.604 m2


Neighborhood of Belvís-Trisca, parish of San Fructuoso

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It has rest areas with benches, a lookout point, route itineraries, accessibility for people with functional diversity, drinking fountains, playgrounds and sports posts.


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